To me, there is no such concept as disharmony. Each possible relation between notes has it's own personality, and these personalities are all viable characters in telling a musical story as powerful as possible. Such a story, an internal logic, is always to be found in an Apocryphal Voice song. So to me, our music is not weird and never intended to be. It's more like a cry of rage from within the cage of the dead-end modern culture. -Juhani Jokisalo

Juhani Jokisalo: guitars, basses, voices, compositions

    The roots of Apocryphal Voice come from around '98-'99 when Juhani felt compelled to create something very different from the conventional and soothing styled Absent Silence he was as a bassist in at the time. Something dissonant and intense art demanded to come forward due to emotional turmoil. He left the old band and found out that finding musicians driven for rebellious unconventional form was nearly impossible, so a drummer Ville Salonen landed as the only other member for this new band.

    "The Sickening", a strange and anguished burst of 3 songs, was recorded in late 2000 to be merely a demo, and it was sent here and there to numerous small labels. A label called Rage Of Achilles somehow got hold of the demo and was willing to release it as an official mini-cd.

    During following years the album "Stilltrapped" was composed, with the unflinchingly sincere overall theme of personal depression. Little by little, it was self-produced and recorded, with the exception of drumtracks recorded last and in an actual professional studio.

    A great personal daemon had been exorcised with the completion of the album, and it was released in early 2007 by Candlelight's sublabel Appease Me.

    Apocryphal Voice began rehearsing and bettering their equipment with the new financial security of having steady daytime jobs (seeming to be necessary in this tumultuous music business climate, especially in underground music), and unforcingly creating new music without hurry.

    Now the new album "Pain & Pleasure" has been completed with more dynamic, more optimistic, more diverse, more intricate form than AV's previous creations, however as uncompromising as ever.

Ville Salonen: drums, artwork